Symbols of Sacred Geometry Retreat

Oct 20, 2021 8:00 pm CEST - Oct 24, 2021 4:00 pm CEST | ( Oct 20, 2021 2:00 pm EDT - Oct 24, 2021 10:00 am EDT) | "Solterreno Retreat Center" - Alicante, Spain | Led by Xandy Liberato



Dancing – Connecting – Revitalising

A Journey Through Dance, Movement and the Symbols of Sacred Geometry

I would like to invite you to a revitalizing journey through the universe of dance and movement from the perspective of the symbols of sacred geometry. On this journey, our vehicle will be our body in all its dimensions.

We will rediscover our body while it takes us along paths, perhaps new or perhaps already known, that will reconnect our network in an infinite flow. First of all, we will live the experience by ourselves and then we will open ourselves to share with others. Each stage of the journey may bring us learnings, which we will have the opportunity to integrate and apply to our dance of life.

As a protective atmosphere, we have the Liberato Method, which will surround us during the whole process providing us with deep and healthy information for our connection between body, mind, and emotions, and for the reencounter with our own essence.

This experience will lead us to get to know our movement qualities and body habits, to flow our bodies in new ways, and to become aware of aspects we are not yet aware of today.

I am very happy to be able to share my own medicine with you if you feel connected to it!

Xandy Liberato


· Breathing techniques applied to movement;

· Scanning your body movement;

· Management of muscle tension and relaxation;

· Fluidity and sensitivity of the spine;

· Connecting energy centers in the body;

· Guiding and being guided;

· Partner dance connection;

· Co-creation through movement;

· Meditation in movement.

During the retreat you will learn:

· A circular system of observation, recognition, empowerment, balance, and deepening of your own body (Liberato Body Scanner);

· A simple technique that you can practice anywhere to dance or meditate;

· Numerous ways of applying the symbols that are present in nature to connect all parts of your body in a fluid and organic way;

· Movement sequences helping you to exercise your body with healthy, subtle, and deep geometrical gymnastics (the dances of the symbols);

· Techniques to meditate both in stillness and movement;

· Pathways to create a space of presence or flow where tension can be released and reconnection with silence can occur.

Experiential learning with the Liberato Method

In our retreats we apply Liberato Method’s experiential pedagogy, as well as its principles and fundamental basics. This method facilitates a process of constant self-discovery and personal development through dance and movement.

The Liberato pedagogy is based on the intelligence of the body in motion which is framed in a series of principles and values (such as self-responsibility, respect, freedom of choice, and listening), always present throughout the whole practice. This education system benefits the person to experience and learn according to their own rhythm and to express themselves as they are.

In each session, dynamics and exercise, an organic process of individual, couple, or group reconnection is set in motion, which can be taken to any area of our lives.

The Liberato Method embraces diversity and can be adapted to any person, group or field. For this reason, it can be applied to varying depth levels according to each one’s needs or situation.

Effects of the Liberato Method

The Liberato Method has been applied to thousands of people in more than 30 countries and very satisfactory results have been observed. According to the qualitative research on the Liberato Method’s social and emotional effects carried out in 2020 together with the Social Psychology Department of the University of Valencia (Spain), a large amount of people has experienced the following effects:

· increased body awareness;

· increased connection with oneself and the others;

· increased self-confidence and confidence towards others;

· more empathetic communication;

· more conscious relationships;

· listening development;

· sensitivity development;

· changes in the emotional behavior;

· increased enjoyment ability;

· experiences of freedom;

· changes in the way of dancing and living;

· increased social abilities;

· change of mindset;

· professional reorientation.

The Liberato Method addresses people interested in:

1. Dance:

  • People who want to start or reconnect with dance;
  • People who want to dance freely with a partner and are open to new bodily possibilities;
  • Professional or amateur dancers willing to learn more technique and gain more consciousness for a specific traditional partner dance (Zouk, Salsa, Bachata, WCS, Blues, Forró, etc.);

2. Movement as a way of self-knowledge from the perspective of Psychology, Holistic Therapies, Integrative Medicine, Coaching, etc.;

3. Academic & independent research on movement and dance from disciplines such as Dance Therapy, Art Therapy, Psychology, Sociology, Communication, Physiotherapy, etc.;

4. Artistic and bodily disciplines such as Music, Acting and Performance, Sports, Yoga, Pilates, Biodanza, Circus Arts, Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improvisation, etc.;

5. Development in relationships.

The Venue

An exclusive retreat for only 10 participants! Our Venue is located in a beautiful valley, called “La Vall de Laguar” between Valencia and Alicante, with an altitude of 500 meters. It rises majestically between two mountains that make up a beautiful valley.

On one side the "Barranco del Infierno", a natural wonder. On the other side, like a real sleeping horse, the "Sierra del Cavall Verd" or "Sierra del Penyó" with a multitude of fountains and springs.


1. Sun room - 2 people (with private bathroom);

2. White Room - 2 people (with shared bathroom for up to 4 people);

3. Elephant Room - 2 people (with shared bathroom for up to 4 people);

4. Rose room - 2 people (with shared bathroom for up to 4 people);

5. Yurta room - 2 people (with shared bathroom for up to 4 people).


Our menu is vegetarian and we can adapt it to intolerances. Much of our products are ecological and bio. We don't use dairy or refined sugars and we also include raw food.

Date options

➡...06, 07, 08, 09, 10 September 2021

➡...20, 21, 22, 23, 24 October 2021


  • An exclusive retreat for only 10 participants;
  • Accommodation in a privileged, charming, and quiet place in the heart of nature, in direct contact with nature and away from urban environments. It's a quiet space that invites you to serenity, connection, meditation, harmony, and self-knowledge;
  • All meals included and prepared by an exclusive chef. The diet will be vegetarian for all participants;
  • 30 hours of classes, activities, practices, experiences, and parties (classes will be taught in English);
  • Course completion certificate.


➡ Symbols of Sacred Geometry Retreat = 592 €

➡ Accommodation + 3 meals = from 300 € to 350 € (it depends on the room)

➡ Transportation = by car, 120 € (until 4 people)

  1. The amount to be invested for participation in the retreat is divided into the value of the retreat, accommodation + food, and transportation;
  2. The amount for the retreat must be paid in full at the time of booking through the website;
  3. The amounts referring to accommodation, food, and transportation must be paid directly at the place, at the check-in, in cash;
  4. To choose the room, the participant must consult the availability, types, and values with the event organization through WhatsApp +55 61 98106 7338 (Michele);
  5. Transportation will be by costing 120 euros per trip to the retreat or back to the airport. This amount can be divided into up to 4 people per car. For this, we will organize the groups through the group of students on WhatsApp;
  6. Participants can choose to arrive by Valencia-Spain airport or Alicante-Spain airport. Both airports are a similar distance from the location, and the cost of transport by car is the same.


To register for our retreat, contact us on WhatsApp to check the spots available:

+55 61 98106 7338 (Michele)

More Information

Send an email to: [email protected]

Or contact us by WhatsApp: +55 61 98106 7338

Liberato Team

Teachers: Xandy Liberato and Martha Tena

Psychologist: Luciana de Campos

Producer: Michele Canella

Mentors: Leandro & Leo de Campos

Content creation: Ruth León

Organization: Liberato Dance Retreats

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